The Aviation Coop! Plus Free Baby Bottles

The Aviation Coop!

Gus found two baby turkeys jumping off roofs and fences. And do you know why? It’s because they want to take flight! Now, Gus can’t simply leave them on their own as they may get hurt with their antics. He knows they’ll be in good hands with you so how about building an Aviation Coop in your farm where you can take care of them and teach them to fly. For your efforts, you’ll get a baby Osceola Wild Turkey and a baby Deutsche Pute Turkey.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Flying High!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Aviation Coop” button to start the feature.









To build the coop, you need to collect all the materials you need.






Then, ask your friends for help or hire builders.






The finished coop will look like this:






To start adopting the two animals, click on the building. You’ll see on the right side of the menu the set of tasks that you need to complete for each of these baby animals.






For the baby Osceola Wild Turkey, there are only two tasks left to complete: collect 8 Suet Bird Cakes and make 5 Heat Lamps.

Getting the Suet Cakes is easy. You only need to complete the Renovation Supreme line of quests. There are two ways to access this quest. One is by clicking on the Go To Quest button in the menu.






The other way to access the quest is to click on its icon at the left side of the screen.






To craft the Heat Lamps, click on the Make It button.






If you are in need of ingredients, get help by calling your Co-op or clicking on the Post button.






Once both of the tasks are complete, the baby Osceola Wild Turkey is ready to go home with you.






For the baby Deutsche Pute Turkey, you need to craft 5 Pine Shavings Bags6 Cashmere Stoles, and 5 Turkey Plush Toys.





These items are easy to craft and in no time you’ll be able to adopt the baby Deutsche Pute Turkey.






These baby animals can’t wait to go to your farm and learn to fly!




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