Spice up your dishes with Little Beak Pepper! (L.E Items)

Farmville 2 “Little Beak Pepper” is the newest limited time crop that will be added in the game this June. Plant, harvest and master this new crop up to blue ribbon. Also included on this release are a new batch of limited edition animals and trees.Plant Little Beak Pepper, check out Powder Blue Guineafowl, Pentagon Orange Trees and more!

Expect these to become available at the store on June 19th, 2017


Little Beak Pepper



Lilac Ferret


Blonde Guineafowl


French Grey Donkey

Powder Blue Guineafowl

Slate Guineafowl



Kussia Tree

Pentagon Orange

Yellow Bell Orchid



  1. Father’s Day Fence
  2. Dad’s Favorite Grill
  3. Dad’s Garden Lounge
  4. Gone Fishing Signpost




  1. Yellow Bell Orchid Bouquet
  2. Yellow Bell Orchid Summer Wreath
  3. Pentagon Orange Fresh Cake
  4. Pentagon Orange Rolls
  5. Little Beak Pepper Preserve
  6. Little Beak Pepper Cheese Skewers