Plant the amazing Night-Blooming Cereus! (L.E Items)

Plant Night-Blooming Cereus and check out Pewter Ferret, Marula Trees and more!


Expected To Be Release On Date: 26/03/2017



Chinese Tallow Nut Candle
Heirloom Chinese Tallow Nut Candle
Chinese Tallow Nut Soap
Heirloom Chinese Tallow Nut Soap
Shikakai Shampoo
Heirloom Shikakai Shampoo
Night-Blooming Cereus Bouquet
Heirloom Night-Blooming Cereus Bouquet
Marula Jelly
Heirloom Marula Jelly
Night-Blooming Cereus Pot
Heirloom Night-Blooming Cereus Pot


Marula Tree
Heirloom Marula Tree
Elder Marula Tree
Marula Tree Fruit
Heirloom Marula Tree Fruit
Chinese Tallow Nut Tree
Heirloom Chinese Tallow Nut Tree
Elder Chinese Tallow Nut Tree
Chinese Tallow Nut Tree Fruit
Heirloom Chinese Tallow Nut Tree Fruit
Shikakai Tree
Heirloom Shikakai Tree
Elder Shikakai Tree
Shikakai Tree Fruit
Heirloom Shikakai Tree Fruit


Night-Blooming Cereus
Prized Night-Blooming Cereus


Baby Balkan Mini Donkey
Adult Balkan Mini Donkey
Prized Balkan Mini Donkey
Baby Rongchang Pig
Adult Rongchang Pig
Prized Rongchang Pig
Baby Cinnamon Point Ferret
Adult Cinnamon Point Ferret
Prized Cinnamon Point Ferret
Baby Sable Ferret
Adult Sable Ferret
Prized Sable Ferret
Baby Pewter Ferret
Adult Pewter Ferret
Prized Pewter Ferret