Farmville 2 Zynga Build Your Design Bay!

Farmville 2 Zynga added new buidable feature in the game setting called Build Your Design Bay! Design a Farmer’s Nook just the way you like it! Build a Design Bay to get started. Keep playing for another version of the Farmer’s Nook! You need adult guineafowls to unlock tasks at the Design Bay. Earn Design Points and customize all 3 parts to win the Farmer’s Nook!


Fv2 Design Bay Expected To Be Release On: 20th June, 2017

Fv2 Design Bay

Fv 2 Design Point

First you need to Place the Place the Design Bay in your farm.

Following Material Required To Build Farmville 2 Zynga Design Bay:

Ask help from your friends to build Farmville 2 Zynga Design Bay

Here’s a look at a completed Fv2 Design Bay:

Material you need:

Dreamcatcher Frame

Desk Panel

Desk Lamp


Ask/Post to Friends:

Block-Printing Kit

Glass Bead String

Curtain Pole


Feed Guineafowls to obtain this.

Painted Feather



Motif Woodblock

Heirloom Motif Woodblock

Printed Fabric

Eggshell Wind-Chime

Romantic Suncatcher

Outdoor Curtains

Big Dreamcatcher

Duo Dreamcatcher

Owl Dreamcatcher

Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

Feather Wind-Chime

Rainbow Feather Garland

Floral Feather Centerpiece

Feather Painting

Painted Feather Keychain

Painted Feather Wreath

Floral Cushions

Decorative Hanging

Painted Feather Pendant



Andiroba Tree Heirloom Andiroba
Elder Andiroba

Heirloom Andiroba
Tree Fruit


Baby Mini Tobiano
Campolina Horse

Adult Mini Tobiano
Campolina Horse

Prized Mini Tobiano
Campolina Horse