FarmVille2: The Animal Carnival Event! (Coming Soon)

FarmVille2: The Animal Carnival Event! (Coming Soon)
Prepare Carnival Supplies and help the Community reach its Goals to unlock rewards for all of FarmVille! Complete these tasks to contribute Carnival Supplies. Ask your friends to fill your Costume Box to contribute more Carnival Supplies! Contribute Carnival Supplies & make the Animal Carnival a grand success!
Carnival Float


Carnival Supply
Costume Box
Costume Box
Costume Box
Rewards & Deco:
Carnival Fence
Instabloom Machine
15-Minute Water Certificate
Miniature Carnival
Hollow Plant Jar
Dutch Windmill House
Living Butterfly Statue
Materials for the Quests:
Carnival lollipop
Carousel Horse
Carnival Balloon Animal
Baby Cream Tennessee Walking Horse
Adult Cream Tennessee Walking Horse
Prized Cream Tennessee Walking Horse