FarmVille2: Plant the unique Herb of Gilead! (Market Le Items)

Grow Herb of Gilead, check out Norman Cob Horse, Blue Spotted Gum Trees and more!


Release Date: 01/10/2018



Pain Relief Spray
Heirloom Pain Relief Spray
Spotted Gum Potpourri
Heirloom Spotted Gum Potpourri
Healing Salve
Bentham’s Cornel Pancakes
Heirloom Bentham’s Cornel Pancakes
Bentham’s Cornel Preserve
Heirloom Bentham’s Cornel Preserve
Gilead Herbal Tea
Heirloom Gilead Herbal Tea


Baby Recessive White Chinchilla
Adult Recessive White Chinchilla
Prized Recessive White Chinchilla
Baby Oropa Cow
Adult Oropa Cow
Prized Oropa Cow
Baby Norman Cob Horse

Adult Norman Cob Horse
Prized Norman Cob Horse
Baby Banza Pig
Adult Banza Pig
Prized Banza Pig


Red Stringybark Tree
Heirloom Red Stringybark Tree
Elder Red Stringybark Tree
Red Stringybark Tree Log
Heirloom Red Stringybark Tree Log

Bentham’s Cornel Tree
Heirloom Bentham’s Cornel Tree
Elder Bentham’s Cornel Tree
Bentham’s Cornel Tree Fruit
Heirloom Bentham’s Cornel Tree Fruit
Blue Spotted Gum Tree
Heirloom Blue Spotted Gum Tree
Elder Blue Spotted Gum Tree
Blue Spotted Gum Tree Fruit
Heirloom Blue Spotted Gum Tree Fruit


Herb of Gilead
Prized Herb of Gilead