FarmVille2 Get the pretty Siberian Pink Cup for your farm! (L.E Items)

Plant Siberian Pink Cup, check out Black Highland Mini Donkey, Achacha Trees and more!

Expected To Be Release On : 2nd October, 2017


Siberian Pink Cup

Prized Siberian Pink Cup


Baby Double-Laced Silver Barnevelder Chicken

Adult Double-Laced Silver Barnevelder Chicken

Prized Double-Laced Silver Barnevelder Chicken

Baby Black Highland Mini Donkey

Adult Black Highland Mini Donkey

Prized Black Highland Mini Donkey

Baby Eastern Crested Guineafowl

Adult Eastern Crested Guineafowl

Prized Eastern Crested Guineafowl

Baby Black Feral Yak

Adult Black Feral Yak

Prized Black Feral Yak



Heirloom Achacha

Elder Achacha

Achacha Fruit

Heirloom Achacha Fruit


Heirloom Photinia

Elder Photinia

Heirloom Photinia Fruit

Photinia Fruit

Butterfly Tree

Heirloom Butterfly Tree

Elder Butterfly Tree

Butterfly Tree Log

Heirloom Butterfly Tree Log


Achacha Cooler

Heirloom Achacha Cooler

Siberian Pink Cup Cupcake

Heirloom Siberian Pink Cup Cupcake

Pink Cup Hat

Siberian Pink Cup Hat

Photinia Sunflower Pendant

Heirloom Photinia Sunflower Pendant

Photinia Floral Pot

Heirloom Photinia Floral Pot

Achacha Yogurt

Heirloom Achacha Yogurt