“Farmville 2” Unreleased The Marble Sundial!

What an amazing surprise! Marie found a Sundial near your farm. It was built by your great-grandpappy to mark the hour of your grandpappy’s birth! But this family heirloom is missing its parts. Go look for the Sundial pieces in the cave and learn more about the history of of your family heirloom. Find the missing pieces and you will receive so many cool rewards when you’re done! Hone your farming skills with all new game mechanic, whilst excavating the cave.

Early Access to the Great Excavations will be available on 3/2! Be sure to tell your friends about the most exciting launch in the history of FarmVille 2!

Expected Release Date: March 2nd 2017 

(subject to change)

Great Excavations! Complete tasks to earn excavation picks! Use picks to excavate the missing Sundial pieces! Restore the Sundial to earn great rewards! Excavate the cave and find the 4 missing parts of the sundial! Complete 12 tasks


Marble Sundial

Marble Sundial

Marble Sundial Part

Digging Pickaxe



Excavation Hat
Dust Mask
Excavation Toolkit
Archaeologist Overalls
Grip Gloves


Ask/Post to Friends:

Brass Bolt
Nylon Webbing
Malt Mix
Archeologist Badge
Flare Stick
Red Flashlight


Ancient Firepit
Marble Column Arch
Marble Paver
Marble Wall



Baby Wensleydale Sheep
Adult Wensleydale Sheep
Prized Wensleydale Sheep
Baby Mini Mahogany Duroc Pig
Adult Mini Mahogany Duroc Pig
Prized Mini Mahogany Duroc Pig
6 Hour Water Certificate