“Farmville 2” Songbirds Are Here! (New Event Coming Soon)

Chirrrp! Beautiful Songbirds Are Here! Turn up your speakers to immerse yourself in Songbird tunes! Start training with Wendell early to bring more Songbirds to your farm! Complete six fascinating Lessons to win Tunes. 

Wendell: Hello, friend! I’m Wendell and this is Mia, my songbird. What can I call you?
So, {user}… We’re a bit lost! I seem to have lost my map. Could you help us?
We’ve been traveling for weeks and really need a place to rest. But… I have nothing to offer in return…

Bird House Level 1
Bird House Level 2
Bird House Level 3
Bird House Level 4
Bird House Level 5
Twigs Bundle
Seed Box
Wooden Plank
Fabric Strips
Bird Feed Mix
Fabric Strips
Worm Box
Black Sand
White Sand
Feather Pheasant
Diamond Shovel


Baby Palomino Gypsy Vanner Horse

Adult Palomino Gypsy Vanner Horse

Prized Palomino Gypsy Vanner Horse



Natural Fountain

Mirage Paver

Living Couch



Hanging Nest

Handmade Basket

Twig Photo Frame

Heirloom Twig Photo Frame

Fabric Ball

Scrappy Toy

Heirloom Scrappy Toy

Fabric Birds

Bird Gym

Heirloom Bird Gym

Birdie Swing

Wooden Feeder

Beaded Ladder

Heirloom Beaded Ladder

Warm Sweater

Bird Cooler

Hand Embroidery

Blue Bird Bath

Bucket Decoration

Birdy Chandelier

Feeding Bench

Heirloom Feeding Bench

Feeding Bowl

Heirloom Feeding Bowl

Grain Sticks

Bird Supplements

Grain Cookie