“Farmville 2” Limited Edition Get the gorgeous Violet Romulea for your farm!

Plant Violet Romulea, check out Semirechensk Pig, Giant Banksia Trees and more!

Release Date: 26/06/2017


Violet Romulea
Prized Violet Romulea


Baby Brown Toggenburg Mini Goat

Adult Brown Toggenburg Mini Goat
Prized Brown Toggenburg Mini Goat
Baby Rotvieh Harzer Mini Cow
Adult Rotvieh Harzer Mini Cow
Prized Rotvieh Harzer Mini Cow
Baby Semirechensk Pig
Adult Semirechensk Pig
Prized Semirechensk Pig
Baby Damara Sheep
Adult Damara Sheep
Prized Damara Sheep


Pod Mahogany

Heirloom Pod Mahogany

Elder Pod Mahogany

Pod Mahogany Fruit

Heirloom Pod Mahogany Fruit


Japanese Persimmon

Heirloom Japanese Persimmon

Elder Japanese Persimmon

Japanese Persimmon Fruit

Heirloom Japanese Persimmon Fruit


Giant Banksia

Heirloom Giant Banksia

Elder Giant Banksia

Giant Banksia Fruit

Heirloom Giant Banksia Fruit


Pod Mahogany Necklace
Heirloom Pod Mahogany Necklace
Pod Mahogany Earrings
Heirloom Pod Mahogany Earrings
Giant Banksia Nectar
Heirloom Giant Banksia Nectar
Violet Romulea Ring
Heirloom Violet Romulea Ring
Violet Romulea Bracelet
Heirloom Violet Romulea Bracelet
Japanese Persimmon Bread
Heirloom Japanese Persimmon Bread
Japanese Persimmon Pudding
Heirloom Japanese Persimmon Pudding
Giant Banksia Duster
Heirloom Giant Banksia Duster