Farmville 2 Helter-Skelter Shelter! (Official Guide)

Oh, these poor creatures! We surely do not want our animals to be left in the open while their homes are being repaired. Let’s provide a shelter that will feel like a second home for them. Build an Animal Refuge in your farm so they’ll have a place to stay. For your reward, you can choose to get either a Mini Animal Refuge or a baby Guineafowl!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Helter-Skelter Shelter!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Animal Refuge” button to begin the feature.


The first step to build the refuge is to collect all the materials you need.




The next step is to ask your friends for help or hire builders.




Your finished Animal Refuge, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:




(Note to Team: Image needs to be changed as the Animal Shelter overlaps with the Caramel Hotpot)

To see begin giving shelter to the animals, click on the building.




Getting Permits to check-in animals

To be able to let animals stay in your refuge, you’ll need to collect Permits. You can earn Permits by simply ending to your own farm animals.

On the left of the refuge, you’ll see the Permit counter that helps you keep track of the Permits you’ve earned. There are two types of Permits to collect: Premium Permits and Standard Permits. Get Premium Permits by raising baby animals, by using Baby Bottles. Super Feed and Feed adult animals to get Standard Permits.



Animal Rooms

Once you’ve collected Permits, you can now accommodate the animals in your refuge. There are five rooms to be used in the Animal Refuge – 3 Premium Rooms and 2 Standard Rooms. Use your Premium Permits for the Premium Rooms and the Standard Rooms will need Standard Permits.




An animal waiting for a room to be vacant can be found at the Reception.




Every time an animal checks out, you will receive Star Reviews that you can share!




Full House Bonus

You can earn more Star Reviews when you avail of the Full House Bonus. How? Simply use more rooms in the refuge!




Keep collecting Star Reviews and when you reach specific milestones you can win rewards.




70 Star Reviews = Fall Vine Ladder

220 Star Reviews = Nuttall Oak Tree

440 Star Reviews = Fall Vine Fence

660 Star Reviews = a baby Mini Refuge or a baby Guineafowl!


Helper Cards

Get more Permits by using Helper Cards. You can get Helper Cards by posting or buying Reception Bells.




Your Animal Guests

There will be a lot of animals that will need your refuge. You may be interested in some of them as they are rare and unique. So watch out as an owner just might make you an offer to keep the animal for your very own! When purchased, these special pets will give you twice the number of Permits when you Feed, Super Feed and raise them!