Farmville 2 Fresh Off The Boat Quests Guide

Farmville 2 and Zynga have released the next set of Farmville 2 Quests. You can now start working on the Farmville 2 Fresh Off The Boat Quests such as Sage Advice, Shoe-t Out, Good Quali-Tea, Can You Paddle, Take A Pot Shot, Easy As Pie and A Toy to Behold. Available  from March 14th to 21st, 2017.

Farmville 2 Quest 1: Sage Advice


Gather 15 Water
Fertilize 15 Garden Sage
Feed 5 Adult Chickens

Farmville 2 Quest 2: Shoe-t Out!


Collect 5 Pair of Boat Shoes
Harvest 15 Garden Sage
Make 2 Dough

Farmville 2 Quest 3: Good Quali-Tea!


Harvest 20 Onions
Make 3 Garden Sage Herbal Tea
Have your Sweetie/Kid do 1 Cave Exploring Job

Farmville 2 Quest 4: Can you Paddle?


Collect 5 Canoe Paddles
Feed 3 Adult Mini Cows
Craft 6 Clotted Cream Scones

Farmville 2 Quest 5: Take A Pot Shot


Collect 15 Raisin
Feed 6 Adult Pig
Craft 4 Decorated Clay Pots

Farmville 2 Quest 6: Easy as Pie


Harvest 2 Heirloom Lemon Tree
Feed 6 Adult Horse
Craft 5 Pumpkin Pie

Farmville 2 Quest 7: A Toy To Behold


Collect 5 Toy Rowing Boats
Gather 20 Brown Feather
Go Fishing 5 Times

Farmville 2 Quest 8: Happy to Help


Tend your Bee Box 2 Times
Harvest 30 Corn
Make 5 Brown Drapes