“Farmville 2” Free Gift 1 Favor 10 pack

Hello Farmers!

The FarmVille 2 team values your feedback and we want to know what you think of “Ferret Play Pool!”
Did you have fun  keeping the Cinnamon Ferret and European River Otter on your Farm? Because we sure did! 👩‍🌾 Take the Ferret Play Pool! survey and get 10 FREE Favors! 


  • You can use these favors in upgrading your farm.
  • You can use this to upgrade you Kitchen so that you can cook more of your favorite recipes.
  • Favors can also be used to buy troughs, land and water field, water tower and more.
  • Another way to get favor is by completing orders at the order boards.

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All players who complete the survey will get 10 FREE Favors as a reward!

Here’s 20 FREE Favor to celebrate with your Farm. Don’t forget to share with friends!