Farmville 2 The First Ever Fishing Tournament! (Official Guide)

Gus is a competitive fishing enthusiasts but sometimes it’s too tiresome for him to visit other counties for the tournaments. So, he’s planning to have a tournament right here in our county while the Appaloosa River is teeming with fish this season. This will be FarmVille’s first ever Fall Fishing Tournament!

What an amazing opportunity for you to compete with other farmers for the top spot while you’re also trying to beat your own personal score! Join the competition by building the Fishing Tournament Shack and Fishing Tournament Spot in your farm. Do your very best to get a baby Shagya Arabian Horse, trophies and other cool rewards!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “The First Ever Fishing Tournament!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Building” button to begin the feature.



To start building, you must collect all the materials needed.




Then, ask your friends for help or hire builders.




The finished Fishing Tournament Shack, which you can place anywhere in your farm, will look like this:




While the Tournament Fishing Spot, which is automatically placed in the river, will look this:




To access the feature, click on the fishing spot. From the menu you can see that there are four types of fish that you can catch from four different parts of the river. Take note of the weight of each fish when you make a choice of which to catch.





Once you have chosen which fish to catch, you must first prepare the area with Groundbait by clicking on the “Prep Area” button.




You will then be asked to craft Groundbait. There are three Groundbait tabs to choose from: Catch 3 Fish using Premium GroundbaitCatch 2 Fish using Special Groundbait, and Catch 1 Fish using Basic Groundbait.




Do not worry if you are lacking ingredients to craft. For the bait, you can get them by harvesting fertilized water crops. While for the Corn Flakes and Garlic Salt, you can always ask your friends for help by clicking on the Post button.




There is a waiting time before you can proceed to fish. Take note that each fishing area differs in the amount of time it takes to craft the Groundbait.




Once the waiting time is over, you can go catch a fish by clicking on the “Go Fishing” button.




The fish you caught will then be weighed to get the total Tournament Point Scores.




To know how many Tournament Point Scores, you can check the counter at the lower left portion of the menu.




You will start earning rewards when you reach milestones in the tournament. The yellow bar will mark your progress.




Earn a minimum of 240 Tournament Point Scores to qualify and compete in the Fall Fishing Tournament.




The Fall Fishing Tournament

Once you’ ve earned 240 Tournament Point Scores, the Scoreboard will appear in the upper left portion of the menu.




Click on the “View More” button to to see the Scoreboard details.




On the left side of the Scoreboard you will see the rankings of the farmers who are leading the tournament. At the end of the tournament, the top 3 farmers will get great rewards!




On the right side of the Scoreboard you will see your personal score. This records the points you get for each type of tournament fish you catch. Strive to get the highest points for each fish to win rewards!




Ragworms and Mud

When you first enter the tournament you will be given Ragworms to use for fishing.




These Ragworms are used to lure larger fish so you earn more tournament points.





Make sure to use these Ragworms wisely, as they last for only 24 hours.




To get even larger fish, you can make also use of Mud and King Ragworms.




It will definitely be awesome if you win in the first fishing tournament and get the great rewards on offer!