“Farmville 2” What are the different animal storage buildings?

The Animal Barn is a place to store your adult animals.

Animal Barn Guide:

Additional Information:


While our total capacity is only up to 130 (Animal Barn and roaming animals combined), we can temporarily store our “Prized animals” inside our Inventory/Storage and Animal Pasture for us to be able to add new animals again. Also, there are available Storage Buildings for certain Prized animals on the farm that we can purchase and build to help us maximize the limit, as well.
Duck House: Prized Ducks 
Goat Shelter: Prized Goats 
Horse Stable: Prized Horses
Pig Pen: Prized Pigs 
Prized Chicken Coop: Prized Chickens
Prized Cow Shed: Prized Cows 
Sheep Shack: Prized Sheep 
Rabbit Warren: Prized Rabbits

These buildings will help us feed those Prized animals on our farm without affecting our Animal Capacity Limit.