Farmville 2 Country Excape: The Prospector’s Corner is here!

Goldie has created quite a stir! She’s a prospector that has been running some tests in the local rivers. Rumors has it that she’s finding things like keys, coins, storage parts, and more with her gold pans right at the edge of the farm. She’s staked a claim and has a pretty nice little setup! She said we can use her gold pans and keep anything we find!

If you are at least Level 13, you will be invited to visit Goldie at the corner of the farm to try your luck with her gold pans.
There are two ways to play:
  • The Flume
  • Gold Sluice
The Flume is the more basic of the two, and can be played for FREE every 8 hours! There are 7 prizes to choose from, and you can try your luck on the prizes for up to 6 times.
Note: You can pick among the prizes again using coins and keys, with prices increasing after every pick.
The Gold Sluice is the premium version of the two with a more generous loot table, but costs Keys to play. Unlike the Flume, the Gold Sluice has 9 prizes to choose from, and you have up to 7 times to play and try your luck.