“Farmville 2” Check out the Recipes coming with the Soap Display Stand!


Today will arrive a new Building in FarmVille 2 with limited edition Recipes. Below the specifications for the production of these recipes.


It will be available from 28/02/2017!

To see the Bulding Info click Here => https://goo.gl/eLTWIh


Fruity Fun:


Fruity Fun = Cranberry x6 + Apple x6


Berry Blast:


Berry Blast = Blueberry x8 + Strawberry x8


Peachy Perfect:


Peachy Perfect = Peach x12


Heirloom Peachy Perfect:




Heirloom Peachy Perfect = HeirloomPeach x12


Iris Cream Delight:




Iris Cream Delight = Crimean Iris x8 + Peach x8


Pulpy Dreams:




Pulpy Dreams = Mango x8 + Strawberry x8


Heirloom Pulpy Dreams:




Heirloom Pulpy Dreams = Heirloom Mango x8 + Strawberry x8


Citrus Drop:




Citrus Drop = Lemon x8 + Apple x8


Heirloom Citrus Drop:


Heirloom Citrus Drop = Heirloom Lemon x8 + Heirloom Apple x8


Chowning Glory:




Chowning Glory Ann Chowing Iris x12


Olive With A Twist:




Olive With A Twist = Olive x8 + Orange x8


Heirloom Olive With A Twist:




Heirloom Olive With A Twist = Heirloom Olive x8 + Heirloom Orange x8


Sunny Daze:




Sunny Daze = Sunflower x8 + Pear x8


Love Me Lily:




Love Me Lily = White Lily 10 + Cranberry x10


Shea Joy:




Shea Joy = Cranberry x6 + Argan Shea Butter x3


Pumpkin Pop:




Pumpkin Pop = Pumpkin x10 + Patchouli Oil x3


Soft Glow:




Soft Glow = Olive x6 + Moroccan Oil x3