“Farmville 2” Build Your Toy Ducky Racetrack!

Race toy ducks with Percy at The Toy Ducky Racetrack! Get in the fast lane and earn Toy Ducky Tokens at the Toy Ducky Racetrack! Invite your friends over to participate in the races and earn Toy Ducky Tokens!

Expected To Be Release On Date: 27/03/2017


Toy Ducky Racetrack

When Percy first visit your farm

Required following Material to Build Toy Ducky Racetrack:

Ducky Bunting
Water Chute
Ducky Finish Line

Toy Ducky Token


Ask your friends for help


Red Hot Chili Pecker
Derby Duckaneer
Regatta Racer


Toy Ducky Seat
Toy Ducky Fountain
Toy Ducky Fence


Baby Labrador Duck
Adult Labrador Duck
Prized Labrador Duck

Materials for the Next Quest:

Detective Cap
Clue Notepad
Evidence Box

Ask/Pot to Friends:

Buckaneer Hat
Duck-t Tape