“Farmville 2” Build Your Marble Collection Stand!

How Marble-ous! Harvest your crops, collect Marbles, and win great Rewards! Find more in fertilized crops! Gather Marbles and win a baby Cubalaya Chicken before time runs out!

Expected to be Release on 11 April, 2017

Marble Collection Stand

When Carl visit your farm:

Place Marble Collection Stand in your farm and click start to build:

Required Following Material To Build Marble Collection Stand:

Marble Solitaire Board
Marble Storage Jar
Marble Display Case


Marble Birdbath
Marble Art Fence


2 Marbles
2 Heirloom Marbles
3 Marbles
3 Heirloom Marbles


Baby Cubalaya Chicken
Adult Cubalaya Chicken
Prized Cubalaya Chicken

Ask/Post to Friends:

Black Sand
White Sand

Materials for the Next Quest: “Golden Years!”

Stained Glass Pane
Rubber Mat
Horse Treadmill