FarmVille 2 Build the Fishing Tournament Shack Guide!

You’ll need to catch 4 different types of fish for the tournament! You can fish for them in these 4 areas. Before you can go fishing, you’ll have to prep each area with groundbait to get these fish biting there.
Some Groundbait recipes will help you catch more fish than others. This one will get you 3 fish! Let’s try it.Prepping each fishing area takes different amounts of time before we can go fishing.

Expected To Be Release Date: 26/09/2017

Fishing Tournament Shack

Place The Fishing Tournament Shack in your farm.

Here’s a look at the materials you will need in building the Fishing Tournament Shack:

Ask your friends or look for these parts:

Fish Bunting

Teal Slate

Brown Oak Plank

Tournament Fishing Spot


Here’s a look at a completed Fishing Tournament Shack.

A fishing tournament weight point

Tournament Point

Materials for the Next Quest:

Spare Fishing Rod

Fishing Waders

Meditation Pamphlet


Fish Outta Water Fence

Bronze Fall Fishing Tournament Trophy

Silver Fall Fishing Tournament Trophy

Gold Fall Fishing Tournament Trophy


Baby Shagya Arabian Horse

Adult Shagya Arabian Horse

Prized Shagya Arabian Horse


Gamhar Tree

Heirloom Gamhar Tree

Elder Gamhar Tree

Gamhar Tree Log

Heirloom Gamhar Tree Log


Eastern Freshwater Cod

Mary River Cod

Winter Cod

Pacific Cod


Northern Pike

Tiger Muskellunge

Chum Salmon

Coho Salmon

Pink Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Green Sturgeon

Gulf Sturgeon

Shovelnose Sturgeon

Pallid Sturgeon


Mud Ragworm

King Ragworm


Premium Groundbait
Basic Groundbait
Special Groundbait

Ask/Post to Friends:

Garlic Salt
Corn Flakes