“Farmville 2” Build Your Boat Yard!

Get ready for FarmVille’s first Spring Regatta! Build the Boat Yard to kick off the Regatta! Collect Regatta Flags after each fun race! Win nautical themed decorations! Get ready for the Spring Regatta by collecting Regatta Flags!

Expected To be Release on Date: 14/03/2017

Boat Yard

Following Material Required To Build Boat Yard:



Ask help from your friends to build Boat Yard





Material you need:

Maritime Flag
Inflatable Buoy


Boat Yard
Regatta Flag

Ask/Post to Friends:

Rusty Banner
Sailor Hat
Changing Tent
Lucky Boat Charm

Nautical Topper
Pink Patch
Belt Strap


Nautical Wheel Arch
Pier Post
Nautical Fences
Banana Boat
Duck Boat
Guitar Boat

Materials for the Next Quest:

Boat Shoes
Canoe Paddle
Toy Rowing Boat


Baby Maine-Anjou Cow
Adult Maine-Anjou Cow
Prized Maine-Anjou Cow


Pirate Pig
Horseshoe Lifebuoy
Nauti Cupcake

Heirloom Nauti Cupcake