Deck Up your farm with the beautiful Bluebell! (L.E Items)

Plant Bluebell, check out Ginger Nigora Mini Goat, Copper Pod Trees and more!

Expected to be Release on 5th June, 2017


Prized Bluebell


Baby Aseel Chicken

Adult Aseel Chicken

Prized Aseel Chicken


Baby Ginger Nigora Mini Goat

Adult Ginger Nigora Mini Goat

Prized Ginger Nigora Mini Goat


Baby Blaze Ferret

Adult Blaze Ferret

Prized Blaze Ferret

Baby Angeln Saddleback Pig

Adult Angeln Saddleback Pig

Prized Angeln Saddleback Pig



Dwarf White Bauhinia

Heirloom Dwarf White Bauhinia

Elder Dwarf White Bauhinia

Dwarf White Bauhinia Fruit

Heirloom Dwarf White Bauhinia Fruit


Heirloom Jabuticaba

Elder Jabuticaba

Jabuticaba Fruit

Heirloom Jabuticaba Fruit

Copper Pod

Heirloom Copper Pod

Elder Copper Pod

Copper Pod Fruit

Heirloom Copper Pod Fruit



Copper Pod Cabinet

Heirloom Copper Pod Cabinet

Jabuticaba Cheesecake

Heirloom Jabuticaba Cheesecake

Bluebell Fragrance

Heirloom Bluebell Fragrance

Dwarf White Bauhinia Jam

Heirloom Dwarf White Bauhinia Jam

Jabuticaba Jelly

Heirloom Jabuticaba Jelly

Copper Pod Pot

Heirloom Copper Pod Pot

Dwarf White Bauhinia Poultice

Heirloom Dwarf White Bauhinia Poultice

Bluebell Wreath

Heirloom Bluebell Wreath